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Something New Every Day

by Chris Booberg on December 12, 2014

Yesterday, I met with a client of Laura's to review and to sign the documents to settle her case.  Like many clients, she had been through a hard road of serious physical injury, extensive medical treatment and disputes with the insurance company and her employer.  While the process of going through a serious workers' compensation claim can often be difficult for the client, it is always rewarding to sense the client's relief when the case is resolved.

In this case, Laura and I came across something that could be a first for both of us.  Laura had represented the client for a year and a half.  A few weeks ago, Laura got a call from the client telling her that the insurance company had called her directly.  The insurance company tried to settle the claim without Laura being involved.  Fortunately, the client did not talk to the insurance company about their low ball offer and let us work on her behalf.  In the end, the client's journey is now over and things have turned out well