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Car Accident

In 2011, over 2,000 people were killed in Virginia car accidents.  Even though we rely on our cars every day for transportation, driving exposes us all to significant dangers.  No matter how careful you are as a driver, your level of safety is determined by the drivers you share the road with at any given time. 

Other drivers may be tired, distracted, using electronic devices, visually impaired, inexperienced  or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  These are among the many factors that can lead to a crash causing serious injuries.  Car accident injuries can range from sprains and strains to broken bones to loss of a limb or death. 

When you have been in a car crash, it is important to take action to make sure you will be able to prove that the other person was at fault.  You need to be sure that the police arrive at the scene and that you explain to them how the accident happened.  You need to be sure that you have the statements and contact information for any witnesses so that you can bring them to Court in order to prove your case.  You also need to obtain the insurance information of the person who was responsible.

Beyond this initial information, you also need to understand your rights and how to handle your case.  At BoobergLaw, we know Virginia personal injury and car accident law and how it applies to  your case.  We know how to effectively work with you and your doctors to make sure you receive the medical care you need and the compensation you deserve. 

Contact BoobergLaw today at 804-440-4000 to talk to us.  We will take the time to review your case with you and explain the legal and insurance system and how it affects your case.  We will also explain how we can help you receive compensation.  All of our consultations are free. We are located in Richmond, Virginia and our attorneys are licensed in Virginia and South Carolina but we can represent clients throughout the United States, with permission.

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