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Chesterfield County Jury Returns $100,000 Verdict for BoobergLaw client

When we announce the results of specific cases, the Virginia State Bar requires us to remind you of the following: (1) case results depend on a variety of factors that are unique to each case and (2) case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any future case we undertake. 

We are proud to announce the results of a recent jury trial in Chesterfield County.  Our client, J.S. was hit broadside by the Defendant as he entered an intersection on Genito Road.  As a result of the accident, our client suffered back and shoulder pain and continued to suffer pain over two years after the accident.  Our client was treated with painful spinal injections in an effort to ease his pain.  

The insurance company refused to take the case seriously.  The insurance company offered to settle the case for $28,000 which would would have left our client with very little after he paid his medical bills.  When our client refused to settle and it became clear that the case would be heard by a jury, the insurance company called the afternoon before the trial and offered $40,000 to settle the case. 

Our client, J.S., refused this last minute offer and the matter was heard by a jury in Chesterfield Circuit Court.  After hearing our presentation of the evidence and arguments, the jury returned a verdict of $100,000 in our client's favor.

At BoobergLaw, we work hard to try to settle our client's cases when it can be accomplished.  

When a reasonable settlement offer is not made, we are prepared to proceed to trial and we have the experience necessary to obtain results for our clients.