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Insurance - The Product You Pay for and Are Afraid to Use

by Chris Booberg on June 03, 2013

Laura and I recently had water damage in our house. I called our homeowner’s insurance to speak to the agent who sold us the policy. I explained that we had water damage and that I wanted to make a claim. He responded by saying that homeowner’s insurance probably did not cover the type of damage that I had described to him. He then said that it would not be good to have a denied claim on our insurance claims record and that it would be better not to make a claim than it would be to make a claim that was denied.Insurance_denial.jpg
The person who sold us the insurance and collected our premiums tells me not to use the product he sold me and then uses the implied threat of an increased premium to try to convince me not to use the insurance he sold to us.
Although our experience involved homeowner’s insurance, my clients frequently tell me similar stories about their dealings with auto insurance companies and adjusters. The adjusters will tell my clients that they should not make a claim or the claim is being denied on legal grounds or they won’t win in court or they don’t believe that they were hurt.
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