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The Fight of the Century Leads to the Lawsuit of the Century.

by Chris Booberg on May 06, 2015

Boxer Manny Pacquiao made over $100 million for losing to Floyd Mayweather this past Saturday night.  The reviews of the fight have been mixed due the fact that Mayweather's defense style doesn't result in exciting fights.  In the days following the fight, it was revealed that Pacquiao needed shoulder surgery.  Then, it was revealed that Pacquiao had not revealed his injury on a pre-fight questionnaire.  

Thousands of people paid $100 for pay per view and thousands paid much more for seats in the arena to see the fight live.  Pacquiao and his handlers are now facing a number of class action suits alleging that he committed fraud in faiing to reveal his injury on the pre-fight questionnaire.  

Now, there is a cloud over the fight and, with both fighters talking about a re-match, there is a suspicion that this was all part of a plan to build up to a re-match and another huge payday for both fighters.  

Questions on forms that seem small and unimportant can have big consequences.  I work to make sure that my clients provide statements, depositions and answers that are as accurate as possible.  Somtimes, the failure to reveal something at an earlier date comes back to haunt them.  I don;t believe that this is usually the result of an attempt to conceal something, but just a lack of thorough consideration of the question.

When the matter is important, it is crucial you are as accurate and forthcoming as possible.