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How Do Virginia Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Determine the Value of a Permanent Injury?

by Chris Booberg on December 10, 2014

In Virginia, the weekly workers' compensation rate is calculating by multiplying the injured workers' average weekly pay over the 52 weeks before the accident by 66%.  This is intended to reflect a workers' pre-accident take home pay as workers' compensation benefits are not taxable and therefore not subject to withholding.  

In the case of a permanent injury, Virginia allows the following payments for complete loss of the body part listed.  In the case of a partial loss of use of one of the body aprts listed below, the percentage of loss is multiplied by the total weeks allowed for the body part.  

For example, the complete loss of a hand is paid at 150 weeks of pay.  A 50% loss of use of a hand, would be paid at 75 weeks or 50% of 150 weeks.  

This table is located at Virginia Code Ann. § 65.2-503.

       Loss                                                                                      Compensation Period      

      1. Thumb                                                                               60 weeks.       

      2. First finger (index finger)                                                 35 weeks.       

      3. Second finger                                                                   30 weeks.       

      4. Third finger                                                                       20 weeks.       

      5. Fourth finger (little finger)                                               15 weeks.       

      6. First phalanx of the thumb or any finger      one-half compensation for loss of entire thumb or finger.

The loss of more than one phalanx of a thumb or finger is deemed the loss of the entire thumb or finger. Amounts received for loss of more than one finger shall not exceed compensation provided for the loss of a hand.

      7. Great toe                                                                          30 weeks.       

      8. A toe other than a great toe                                          10 weeks.      

      9. First phalanx of any toe                                                  one-half compensation for loss of entire toe.

      The loss of more than one phalanx of a toe is deemed the loss of the entire toe.

     10. Hand                                                                               150 weeks.      

     11. Arm                                                                                 200 weeks.      

     12. Foot                                                                                125 weeks.      

     13. Leg                                                                                  175 weeks.      

     14. Permanent total loss of the vision of an eye              100 weeks.      

     15. Permanent total loss of hearing of an ear                 50 weeks.