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What’s the rush?

by Chris Booberg on August 05, 2014

When a crash happens the phone often starts to ring quickly.  I have been told by clients that the phone has sometimes started to ring while they are still in the hospital.  On the other end of the line is an insurance adjuster for the person who caused the crash.  Why is the adjuster in such a hurry?  Why is the adjuster saying a recorded statement is required before the claim can be considered?  Adjusters have been known to come to the homes of accident victims within days of the crash with a checkbook and settlement paperwork hoping to settle the claim on the spot. 


This rush by the insurance company often makes injured people suspicious and it should.  The insurance company is under no duty to deal fairly or accurately explain a person's rights.  The insurance company wants to close the case as soon as possible before the true extent of the injuries and damages can be determined.


Slow down the rush and call to find out about your rights.  That's the only way to be sure that you receive what you deserve.