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Why do people say to us “we aren’t lawsuit people”?

by Chris Booberg on February 04, 2014

Over the years, I have had a number of clients initially express hesistation at the idea of filing a claim for the losses they have suffered due to an injury.  Some clients have said "we aren't lawsuit people" or "I am not looking to get rich from my injury". 

We are all exposed to television Judges who make nasty remarks to the people who appear before them to argue over trivial losses.  We are also exposed to the insurance industry's attempts to paint the injured and their attorneys as greedy sharks trying to take advantage of the system.  The term "jackpot Justice" was not coined by a person who was injured and seeking compensation for his losses.  It was coined by marketers for the insurance industry to demean people who seek compensation for their injuries.

The insurance industry has done a masterful job of ensuring that we are required to purchase their product in order to drive a car or purchase a home.  At the same time, the insurance industry attempts to convince us to hesistate before we use the product they sell.

When you are injured, you are not filing a claim to get ahead of where you were minutes before the accident, you are attempting to restore what you have lost.  There is no reason to hesistate in seeking what you have lost to injury - your time, your income, your health, your well-being, your peace of mind and your pre-accident life.

Don't let the insurance industry convince you not to use what they have sold us.  Contact us to discuss your case today.