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Will car insurance pay my medical bills?

by Chris Booberg on February 19, 2014

One of the first questions I get from many clients is, "how do I pay for my medical bills?".  Often, injured people think that the car insurance of the person at fault will pay for the medical treatment they receive.  The car insurance company may pay the medical bills once the case is resolved, but the insurance company will not pay the bills while the injured person is receiving treatment.

For injured people who have heatlh insurance, they can submit their medical bills to be paid for by their health insurance policy while the claim is being resolved.  Depending on the type of health insurance plan involved, there may be a requirment to repay some or all of the medical costs paid out by the health insurance plan.

The other available avenue is the medical payments coverage that is available on some insurance policies.  Medical payments coverage provides payment to injured people, from their own insurance policy, once medical bills have been incurred.  Anyone who is injured in a car crash, should check for medical payments coverage on his or her policy.

Does your car insurance policy provide medical payments coverage?  If not, it is something you should consider adding.  Typically, the additional cost is not significant and it can provide a method for paying for medical bills while a car crash claim is being resolved.